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The 1st EAGOT Annual Meeting 2023

April 05th, 2023






Takayuki Enomoto, MD, PhD

Congress President of the 1st EAGOT Annual Meeting 2023

Immediate Past President of EAGOT

Auditor of JGOG





We are pleased to announce that the 1st East Asian Gynecologic Oncology Trial Group Annual Meeting will be held for three days from May 25, 2023 at The Italiaken and Kaho in Niigata, Japan.

  EAGOT, which stands for East Asian Gynecologic Oncology Trial Group, was founded on November 19, 2021 to coordinate and conduct international clinical trials in an effort to provide best treatments to Asian women affected by gynecological cancer. At present, EAGOT consists of four national clinical trial groups in East Asia: Japanese Gynecologic Oncology Group (JGOG), Korean Gynecologic Oncology Group (KGOG), Chinese Gynecologic Cancer Society (CGCS), and Taiwanese Gynecologic Oncology group (TGOG). I had the privilege of being the first President of EAGOT in 2022, and at the foundation meeting on November 19, 2021, the 1st EAGOT Annual Meeting was originally planned for September 16–17, 2022 in Niigata, Japan but was postponed to November 25–26 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, since we were uncertain about when the pandemic would end, we decided to further postpone the meeting to May 25–27, 2023. I am grateful to Prof. Yong Man Kim, the current President of EAGOT, for giving me this invaluable opportunity to become the Congress President. 

 At the Annual Meeting, participants will be divided into four committees as follows: Ovarian Cancer Committee, Corpus Cancer Committee, Cervical Cancer Committee, and Translational Committee. We hope that all participants have a vigorous discussion on how international clinical trials can be conducted in East Asia. 

 Niigata Prefecture is home to more than 100 sake breweries, which are renowned for their high-quality sake. In addition, it is well-known for its exceptional rice, vegetable, and seafood dishes. Kaho is ranked among the top five best ryokans (Japanese style inns) with an excellent spa. We hope that you will enjoy the remarkable cuisine and spa post the discussions.


I look forward to welcoming the members of KGOG, TGOG, CGCS, and JGOG to Niigata. 



Takayuki Enomoto, MD, PhD







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