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The 2nd EAGOT Annual Meeting 2023

July 21st, 2023




Yong Man Kim, MD, PhD,

President of the EAGOT

Immediate Past President of KGOG


Dear all member of EAGOT,

We are pleased to announce that the 2st East Asian Gynecologic Oncology Trial Group (EAGOT) Annual Meeting will be held from September 1 to 3, 2023 at Asan Medical Center and Sofitel Ambassador Seoul Hotel in Seoul, Korea.

     As we know, the 1st East Asian Gynecologic Oncology Trial Group Annual Meeting had been successfully held and concluded in Niigata, Japan. At that time, we met with many members from JGOG, TGOG, CGCS and KGOG, to present and discuss various clinical trials. All of us are proud of this situation because we have common goal of coordinating and conducting international clinical trials in an effort to provide best treatments to Asian women affected by gynecological cancer. I am grateful to Prof. Takayuki Enomoto, the Congress President of the 1st EAGOT Annual Meeting, for giving us this wonderful results of meeting.  

     In upcoming meeting, we will have more upgrade program including plenary session, industrial symposium, committee meetings and special small meeting. Actually in important committee meetings, all participants will be divided into four committees as follows: Ovarian Cancer Committee, Corpus Cancer Committee, Cervical Cancer Committee, and Translational Committee. We hope that all participants have a vigorous discussion on how international clinical trials can be conducted in East Asia. In particular, we will meet all leaders of East Asian Gynecologic Academic Societies including the Presidents of TGOG, CGCS, JGOG and KGOG, moreover the Presidents of SGO, JGOG, TAGO and KSGO at this meeting.

Additionally, Seoul also has a fantastic Korean culture, food and tradition. We hope that you will enjoy our amazing cuisine and culture. 

I look forward to welcoming the members of TGOG, CGCS, JGOG and KGOG to Seoul, Korea. 



Yong Man Kim, MD, PhD





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